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  • 45 Video Lessons

    I'll teach you how to do a marketing campaign for your book step by step, with everything you need to do before, during and after your launch.

  • Quizzes and PDFs

    Test your knowledge with quizzes, and use the resources in the PDFs to accelerate your book's sales.

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    Join the Bookfox community of other writers marketing their book, exclusively for writers who buy this course. Ask questions, get advice.

My Book Marketing Past

For the last ten years, authors have emailed me telling me they're disappointed with their book sales. They published a book only to discover only their friends and family purchased it. So in addition to working as an editor at Bookfox, I started dishing out marketing advice over email.
My Book Marketing Past

Course Creation

This course was born because of all that advice (there's only so much emailing one man can do). This course encapsulates in 45 videos the most essential and practical information on book marketing -- everything I know from fifteen years of being in the book trenches: attending marketing conferences, hobnobbing with publicists, and launching marketing strategies with authors.
Course Creation

After This Course

After taking this course, you're going to have a book marketing campaign which will get the word out about your book and sell more copies. You'll also be equipped with the knowledge of how to sell future books. It's advice I've given to authors before and it works. I'm excited for it to work for you.
After This Course


  • Do I have to take the course right now?

    No, you can take this course whenever you want. You get lifetime access.

  • Should I buy this course if my book won't be published for another year?

    Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Ideally, book marketing should start 6 months BEFORE you publish your book.

  • Is this course for fiction or nonfiction?

    Both! And when marketing strategies differ, I spend time talking about how you would market for each of them.

  • Is this for indie authors or for traditionally published authors?

    I created the course with both in mind. And when marketing strategies differ, I talk about what each type of author should do.

  • Is this useful if my book came out a while ago?

    Yes, I include lots of ways to promote your book after it's published.

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Tackle the 10 Chapters at your own pace

The 45-video course is broken up into 10 chapters.

  • Learn how to accomplish the 4 pillars of book marketing

  • Check off accomplished book marketing tasks on your master calendar

  • What to do before publication, during your launch week, and after your book is published

  • Learn how to create a website, a book trailer, and a book cover that SELLS BOOKS.

  • How to maximize the three types of reviews: pre-pub, media, and reader reviews

  • How to troubleshoot your book if it's not selling (yes, you can reverse the trend).

  • Learn what NOT to do -- I'll help you avoid the common mistakes so many beginning authors make.


What early reviewers of the course have said:

“This course helped me immensely with strategies to promote my newly released book, 'The Legacy of Leadership.' John has a talent for simplifying difficult concepts into easy-to-act-on steps. I give the course five stars, and would recommend you buy it now.”

Drew D.

“One month after taking this course, my sales tripled. I got so many ideas on how to market my novel from this course. The PDFs are top notch, and I had a lot of fun taking the quizzes. For anyone serious about selling their book, this is a must.”

Wilson W.

“I didn't know much about book marketing before this course, but John has made me feel like an expert. Now I feel like I'm in control of my book, and it's finding readers for the first time. Thank you for all your help, John -- I'm going to use all these ideas for my next book, too!”

Linda P.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Chapter #1: Welcome to the Course!
    Show Content
    • 1. Getting Pumped for Book Promotion
    • 1. Got the Basics Down?
    • 1. Brief survey before we begin...
  • 02
    Chapter #2: The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing
    Show Content
    • 2. Find Your Audience
    • 2. Audience Quiz
    • 2. Book Questionnaire PDF
    • 2. Ideal Reader PDF
    • 3. Craft Your Elevator Pitch
    • 3. Elevator Pitch Quiz
    • 3. Elevator Pitch PDF
    • 4. Your Master Checklist of Book Marketing Tasks
    • 4. Checklists & Calendars Quiz
    • 4. Checklist PDF
    • 4. Calendar PDF
    • 5. Generate Your Literary Comrades List
    • 5. Literary Comrades Quiz
    • 5. Literary Comrades PDF
  • 03
    Chapter #3: Quick Wins
    Show Content
    • 6. Five Quick Tips to Start Promoting Your Book
    • 6. Quick Promo Quiz
    • 6. Twitter Headers PDF
    • 7. Never Make These 5 Book Marketing Mistakes
    • 7. Marketing Mistakes Quiz
    • 8. How to Score Great Blurbs
    • 8. Blurbs Quiz
    • 8. Blurb Request PDF
    • 9. Create Your Author Persona
    • 9. Author Persona Quiz
  • 04
    Chapter #4: Building a Publicity Engine
    Show Content
    • 10. Master Your Book Cover in Twelve Steps
    • 10. Test your Book Cover Knowledge, My Apprentice
    • 10. Book Cover Designers PDF
    • 11. Create a Dynamite Website
    • 11. Answer these Three Website Questions to Become a Website Master
    • 12. Twelve Items on a Great Author Website
    • 12. Can you pass this website quiz?
    • 12. Author Website PDF
    • 13. Getting Reviews
    • 13. Review Quiz
    • 13. Pre-Pub Review PDF
    • 14. Earn Those Media Reviews
    • 14. Media Reviews Quiz
    • 14. Media Review PDF
    • 15. Five Ways to Get Reader Reviews
    • 15. Reader Reviews Quiz
    • 16. Designing Author Swag and Merchandise
    • 16. Swag Quiz
  • 05
    Chapter #5: Social Media Mastery
    Show Content
    • 17. Elevate Your Twitter Game
    • 17. Twitter Quiz
    • 17. Twitter PDF
    • 18. Getting Pumped about Emails
    • 18. Email Quiz
    • 19. Quora, the best kept secret in book marketing
    • 19. Quora Quiz
    • 20. Supercharge Your Goodreads Presence
    • 20. Goodreads Quiz
    • 21. Do You Even Facebook, Bro?
    • 21.Facebook Quiz
    • 21. Facebook Promo Timeline PDF
    • 22. Three Steps to Dominate Instagram
    • 22. Instagram Quiz
    • 22. Instagram Hashtags PDF
  • 06
    Chapter #6: Expand and Conquer
    Show Content
    • 23. Get Thyself an Intern, Pronto!
    • 23. Intern Quiz
    • 23. Intern Projects PDF
    • 24. Becoming Book Club Friendly
    • 24. Book Club Quiz
    • 25. Getting Pre-Orders - 3 Case Studies
    • 25. Do you know how to get Pre-Orders?
    • 26. Make Amazon Work For You
    • 26. Do you know how to make Amazon work for you?
    • 27. Should you hire a publicist?
    • 27. Publicist Quiz
    • 27. Marketability Score PDF
    • 27. Freelance Publicists PDF
    • 28. Book Trailer
    • 28. Get Your Book Trailer ON ...
    • 29. How to Successfully do 3 Types of Book Giveaways
    • 29. Book Giveaway Quiz
    • 29 Post Giveaway Message PDF
    • 30. Marketing 30 Metrics- Are you selling books?
    • 30. Metrics Quiz
  • 07
    Chapter #7: Planning Events
    Show Content
    • 31. How to Create a Book Event (with 8 examples)
    • 31. Events, Events, Events!
    • 32. Making Bookstores Beg for Your Book
    • 32. Bookstore Event Quiz
    • 32. Email to Bookstores PDF
    • 33. Brilliant Readings - What to do Before, During and After
    • 33. Bookstore Reading Quiz
    • 34. How to do a Paid Party
    • 34. Paid Party Quiz
    • 35. Seven Steps for an Unforgettable Virtual Book Tour
    • 35. Virtual book tour Quiz
    • 35. Blog Tour Companies PDF
    • 35. Email to Blogs & Podcasts PDF
    • 36. Libraries: the most Overlooked Tool in Book Promo
    • 36. Library Quiz
  • 08
    Chapter #8: Launch Week
    Show Content
    • 37. Fifteen Things to Do on Your Launch Day
    • 37. Four Questions for Your Publication Day
    • 38. Advertising- What works, what doesn't
    • 38. Advertising Quiz
    • 38. Ebook promo companies PDF
    • 39. Your Ultimate Guide to Landing Spots on Radio & Podcasts
    • 39. Radio/Podcast Quiz
  • 09
    Chapter #9: Long Tail Marketing
    Show Content
    • 40. Win an Award, Sell More Books
    • 40. Ready to win awards?
    • 40. List of Book Awards PDF
    • 41. Use Blogging to Sell Books
    • 41. Blogging Quiz
    • 42. Marketing to Bow Ties and Classrooms
    • 42. Academia quiz
  • 10
    Chapter #10: Next steps
    Show Content
    • 43. Troubleshooting Your Campaign
    • 43. Troubleshooting Questions
    • 44. Marketing Beyond the Book
    • 45. Three Tips as We Say Goodbye
    • Survey: What did you think of the course?
  • Instructor

    I started Bookfox, which provides resources to authors, back in 2006 (the blogging world was just getting started!). My book, "I Will Shout Your Name" is published by Press 53, and I've written for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and won fiction contests by Third Coast Magazine and Shenandoah. I have graduate degrees in creative writing from New York University (MA) and the University of Southern California (MFA).

    John Matthew Fox

    John Matthew  Fox

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