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Anyone can write a bad book. But if you want to write a book the reader loves, you're going to need some help.

Transform Your Fiction

  • Learn techniques used by the greatest writers

  • Improve your writing skills

  • Write and publish your dream book

Writing Techniques You Will Learn

1. Dialogue

How to make your characters sound different, how to make dialogue sound natural, and what your characters should do while talking.

2. Characterization

How to create conflict between them, how to make them opposites, and how to make them complex.

3. Suspense

The course shows you how to create scenes full of tension, conflict, and edge-of-seat suspense.


How to write a gripping scene that will rivet the reader to the page.


  • Do I have to take the course right now?

    Nope. It's an on-demand course -- take it whenever you have time.

  • Do I get to practice the techniques?

    Yes, each of the 27 videos includes a writing exercise.

  • Is this course only for beginners?

    The techniques and exercises are meant for a range of writers -- from beginners to seasoned writers with books under their belt.

  • What if the course doesn't work for me?

    I offer a money-back guaruntee.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access for one year.

  • Is this course good for nonfiction writers?

    I focus on fiction techniques, but if you write creative nonfiction or memoir, you will be able to use most of these techniques.

The Course Includes:

  • Completion Certificate

    When you finish the course, you will earn a completion certification that shows you've mastered the fundamentals of these writing techniques.

  • Access to Instructor

    If you have any questions about the course content, you can post a question within the course and I'll answer it for you.

  • Downloadable PDFs

    To help with your writing education, you can download resources which you can consult at any time.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Week 1

    • 1. Delayed Decoding

    • 1. PDF: Delayed Decoding

    • 1. Quiz: Delayed Decoding

    • 2. Elastic Time

    • 2. PDF: Elastic Time

    • 2. Quiz: Elastic Time

    • 3. Zipper Love

    • 3. Quiz: Zipper Love

    • 4. Ambush Object

    • 4. PDF: Ambush Object

    • 4. Quiz: Ambush Object

    • 5. The Emotional Tree

    • 5. Quiz: The Emotional Tree

    • 6. Walking as Characterization

    • 6. PDF: Walking as Characterization

    • 6. Quiz: Walking as Characterization

  • 02

    Week 2

    • 7. Wonky Emotions on 9/11

    • 7. PDF: Wonky Emotions on 9/11

    • 7. Quiz: Wonky Emotions on 9/11

    • 8. The Rock Speaks

    • 8. PDF: The Rock Speaks

    • 8. Quiz: The Rock Speaks

    • 9. The Woozy Storyteller

    • 9. PDF: The Woozy Storyteller

    • 9. Quiz: The Woozy Storyteller

    • 10. Squeeze Emotion from a Hat

    • 10. PDF: Squeeze Emotion from a Hat

    • 10. Quiz: Squeeze Emotion from a Hat

    • 11. Twenty Dialogue Variations

    • 11. PDF: Twenty Dialogue Variations

    • 11. Quiz: Twenty Dialogue Variations

    • 12. Two Characters with Speech Impediments

    • 12. PDF: Two Characters with Speech Impediments

    • 12. Quiz: Speech Impediments

    • 13. Argument Between Opposites

    • 13. Quiz: Argument between Opposites

  • 03

    Week 3

    • 14. The Small and the Large

    • 14. Quiz: The Small and the Large

    • 15. Character Doubling

    • 15. Quiz: Character Doubling

    • 16. Hermit Crab

    • 16. PDF: Hermit Crab Forms and Examples

    • 16. Quiz: Hermit Crab

    • 17. Funnel Description

    • 17. PDF: Funnel Description

    • 17. Quiz: Funnel

    • Exercise 18 Genre Layering

    • 18. PDF Genre Layering

    • 18. Quiz: Genre Layering

    • 19. Emotional Whiplash

    • 19. PDF: Emotional Whiplash

    • 19. Quiz: Emotional Whiplash

    • 20. Make the Ugly Beautiful

    • 20. Quiz: Make the Ugly Beautiful

  • 04

    Week 4

    • 21. Microconflict

    • 21. PDF: Micro-Conflict

    • 21: Quiz: Micro-Conflict

    • 22. Power Imbalances - Clothed:Nude

    • 22. Power Imbalances - Clothed:Nude

    • Exercise 23 Manifesto Voice

    • 23. PDF: Manifesto

    • 23. Quiz: Manifesto

    • 24. The Pivotal Sound with Alligators

    • 24. Quiz: The Pivotal Sound

    • 25. Unreliable Narrator

    • 25. Quiz: Unreliable Narrator

    • 26. Gesture

    • 26. PDF: Gesture

    • 26. Quiz: Gesture

    • 27. How to Write a Chase Scene

    • 27. PDF: How to Write a Chase Scene

    • 27. Quiz: How to Write a Chase Scene

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I help authors write better fiction. Over the last ten years, through courses and editing, I've helped hundreds of authors publish their books and even win awards. My website Bookfox has nearly 1,000 posts to help writers, and I've published two books: "I Will Shout Your Name" (Press 53) and "The Linchpin Writer" (forthcoming late 2021). I've been published by Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and won fiction contests at Third Coast and Shenandoah.

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Your Takeaways

  • By the time you finish this course, you'll sit at your desk armed with skills and knowledge.

  • You'll feel much more confident about how to write a book using these techniques.

  • You'll be better at strategies to revise your book and to write your next book.

What if you don't invest in your writing?

  • A Failed Book

    So many writers throw away their first few books. I'll help you accelerate your writing career.

  • Bad Reviews

    Bad reviews can sink a book. But by improving your writing skills, you can help give more pleasure to your readers.

  • Bad Track Record

    Readers who don't enjoy your first book won't purchase the sequel. Get started on the right foot by nailing the first one.

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