Have you ever said, "I don't have time to write?"

  • Ever said

    "I wish I could write faster and finish my book quicker."

  • Ever wished

    That you had more discipline to write every single day?

  • Ever wanted

    to avoid procrastination and the bad habits that suck up all your time?

Writers are Swamped

Which means they don't finish that book, they don't write as quickly as they want, and they don't get published.
Writers are Swamped

But they need to write more often...

Because time spent writing predicts a writer's success more than any other variable.
But they need to write more often...

That's why I created this course: "Master Your Writing Time"

This course will help you write more than you ever have before. For the next month, the next few months, or the next year, you will be on fire for writing. You'll set your distractions aside and embrace the creative life. You'll wonder: why didn't I ever do this before? All you have to do is commit to doing the principles in this course.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have found the discipline and the courage to write more than you've ever dreamed

  • Be much closer to finishing your book and holding it in your hands

  • Have a plan to maximize your writing time

  • Understand how to create writing habits and goals

  • Be a writing powerhouse

Bonus material

  • Earn a Certificate

    When you finish the course, you will earn a completion certification that shows you've mastered your writing time.

  • Access to Instructor

    If you have any questions about the course content, you can post a question within the course and I'll answer it for you.

  • Downloadable PDFs

    To help you with mastering your writing time, you can download resources which you can consult at any time.


  • Is there a time limit for this course?

    No, you can take it at your own pace. You get access for a whole year.

  • How long will it take to finish the course?

    It depends on your speed and how much time you devote to the activities. But generally, one to two weeks is normal.

  • Is this course applicable outside the United States?

    Yes, I have many international students, and this course applies to any writer.

  • What if my question isn't answered here?

    Ask me at bookfoxeditor@gmail.com.

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  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    I started Bookfox, which provides resources to authors, back in 2006 (the blogging world was just getting started!). My book, "I Will Shout Your Name" is published by Press 53, and I've written for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and won fiction contests by Third Coast Magazine and Shenandoah. I have graduate degrees in creative writing from New York University (MA) and the University of Southern California (MFA).

    John Matthew Fox

    John Matthew  Fox

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course
    Show Content
    • 1. Time Is Your Biggest Challenge
    • 1. Quiz
  • 02
    Track Your Writing Time
    Show Content
    • 2. Track Your Writing Time
    • 2. Quiz
    • 2. Writing Calendar
  • 03
    Three Time Techniques
    Show Content
    • 3. Three Time Techniques
    • 3. Quiz
  • 04
    Three Myths of Writing Time
    Show Content
    • 4. Three Myths of Writing Time
    • 4. Quiz
  • 05
    How to Set Writing Goals
    Show Content
    • 5. Set Good Writing Goals
    • 5. Quiz
    • 5. How to Craft Writing Goals PDF
  • 06
    Shape Your Habits
    Show Content
    • 6. Shape Your Habits
    • 6. Quiz
  • 07
    The Triple Reward System
    Show Content
    • 7. The Triple Reward System
    • 7. Quiz
    • 7. Triple Reward Ideas PDF
  • 08
    Hasty Writer vs. Slow Writer
    Show Content
    • 8. Hasty Writer vs. Slow Writer
    • 8. Quiz
    • 8. Infographic PDF
  • 09
    Remember Your Why
    Show Content
    • 9. Remember Your Why
    • 9. Quiz
    • 9. Why Writers Write PDF
  • 10
    Your Writing Kryptonite
    Show Content
    • 10. What is Your Writing Kryptonite?
    • 10. Quiz
  • 11
    Restrict Your Writing Time
    Show Content
    • 11. Restrict Your Writing Time
    • 11. Quiz
  • 12
    Show Content
    • 12. Checkup on Progress
  • 13
    The Truth About Procrastination
    Show Content
    • 13. The Truth about Procrastination
    • 13. Quiz
  • 14
    Sacrifice for Your Writing
    Show Content
    • 14. Sacrifice for Your Writing
    • 14. Quiz
  • 15
    The Easy Fix for Writer's Block
    Show Content
    • 15. The Easy Fix for Writer's Block
    • 15. Quiz
    • 15. Defeat Writer's Block
  • 16
    Create Time in Unorthodox Spaces
    Show Content
    • 16. Create Time in Unorthodox Spaces
    • 16. Quiz
  • 17
    The Power of Creative Community
    Show Content
    • 17. The Power of Creative Community
    • 17. Quiz
    • 17. Creative Community
  • 18
    The Other 23 Hours
    Show Content
    • 18. The Other 23 Hours
    • 18. Quiz
  • 19
    Books that Help You Master Time
    Show Content
    • 19. Books that Help You Master Time
  • 20
    Go Forth and Write
    Show Content
    • 20. Go Forth and Write
    • SURVEY: Your Thoughts on the Course

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